How do I use IdentityNow on a mobile device?

Version 23


    On phones, you can reset your app passwords or launch apps from the Launchpad by downloading the IdentityNow app.


    On tablets, you have two options:


    • To launch apps from the Launchpad, you must download the IdentityNow app.
    • To use all other functionality offered by IdentityNow, simply use the native browser on your tablet to navigate to your IdentityNow site. Sign in as usual.


    NOTE: The IdentityNow app is not supported on the iPad Pro.


    Troubleshooting Problems with Smart Punctuation on iPhones and iPads

    The Smart Punctuation feature on iOS is causing problems for some users attempting to sign in to IdentityNow on iOS mobile devices.

    For example, the apostrophe in the name O'Malley gets overwritten with double quotes: O"Malley. This can prevent a user from successfully signing in.


    To avoid this problem, you have the following options:


    For more information, see: