How do I reset the SailPoint application or change the organization on an Android device?

Version 9

    The IdentityNow mobile app for Android devices has a feature that allows you to reset the application. The reset feature could be required when you need to log in to a different org or troubleshoot the application.






    Complete the following steps:

    1. Close the SailPoint application.


    NOTE: Refer to your device's documentation for instructions.


    2. In your Android device, tap Settings.


    3. Tap Apps.

    android settings2.png
    4. Tap apps2.png

    4. Tap Clear Data.


    5. Tap OK in the confirmation prompt.


    5. Tap Home.

    android clear2.png

    6. Tap the SailPoint app. The prompt to provide an organization is displayed.


    7. Type a new name in the Organization field.


    8. Tap OK.



    For more information, see: