Supported Browsers and Mobile Operating Systems

Version 75

    This document describes IdentityNow's support policy for the following:

    IMPORTANT: if you are seeing an error message even though your browser matches the requirements described below, speak to your administrator for assistance.


    Desktop Browsers and Operating Systems


    For details about the most recent stable version of each browser, see


    Operating System
    Support Policy
    ChromeWindows/MacOSmost recent stable version
    Firefoxmost recent stable version
    Edge*most recent stable version
    Internet Explorer**WindowsVersion 11



    • *IdentityNow's SSO service is not supported on Edge or Safari.
    • **IdentityNow does not support Internet Explorer's compatibility mode.


    Thick Clients


    You can set up Microsoft thick clients to use SSO with IdentityNow. See How can I configure an Office 365 thick client to work with IdentityNow? for details.


    Mobile Browsers and Operating Systems


    Browser or AppOperating SystemSupport Policy
    Mobile ChromeAndroidmost recent stable version of Android and previous major three releases
    Mobile SafariiOS

    most recent stable version of iOS

    Mobile AppAndroidmost recent stable version of Android and previous major three releases
    iOSmost recent stable version of iOS



    • The IdentityNow mobile app will not launch the vendor’s native mobile app. The app’s web experience will be launched within the IdentityNow mobile app.

    • Password replay is not supported on mobile browsers. If you need to use password replay apps, download the IdentityNow mobile app.
    • The IdentityNow mobile app is not recommended for iPad Pro.


    For more information, see: