How does IdentityNow store passwords?

Version 11

    Thanks to the security measures used by SailPoint to protect your data, your Launchpad account information is locked in what we call a password vault. The key to unlock that vault, also known as your local encryption key, is stored on your computer or tablet.


    The passwords you use in IdentityNow are encrypted and the encrypted version is sent to the IdentityNow server. The password is known only to you so it is not possible for anyone else to decode it.


    We also encrypt all network communications using TLS, while adding an extra layer of encryption to the data on our servers and a unique touch of "salt" that means even if hackers ever got to our servers they could not use known cracking techniques to read your data.


    We also protect your IdentityNow account from brute force attacks by locking it if someone enters the wrong password too many times. In addition, we prevent IdentityNow password resets under certain circumstances.


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