[Legacy] How do I change my password if I forget it or need to reset it?

Version 48

    This document is for the legacy, deprecated password reset experience. Click here for the new document.


    If you forget your password, you can reset it by verifying your identity using strong authentication. SailPoint always requires strong authentication for password resets so your data remains secure.




    • Resetting your SailPoint password might also cause your network password, that is the password you use to sign in to your workstation, to be changed. Speak with your administrator for assistance.
    • You can also change your password from within the IdentityNow interface.
    • Your administrator might have configured your system to allow you to change your SailPoint password by changing your network password. Click here for more information.




    • Set your preferences for strong authentication in the Preferences window on the Launchpad
    • If using security questions, select and answer security questions.


    Complete the following steps:


    1. Click Sign In Help


    2. Click Forgot/Reset Password.


    3. Click a strong authentication method for verifying your identity. This is either a code sent to a phone as a text or voice message, an email with a special link, or one or more security questions.


    Options include:


    NOTE: The options that appear depend on:


    • How your system administrator configured your site.
    • Which phone numbers or emails are defined for you in the system.
    • If you set a preferred method in your Preferences, you will not be prompted to choose a method. Instead you'll see the method you previously selected.

    5. After you successfully complete the verification method, you can provide your new password.



    • If you are unable to receive a verification code, speak to your system administrator for assistance.
    • If you are resetting your password via Duo Security, you must have already enrolled in Duo using the steps provided in How do I set up and use Duo?.
    • If you are resetting your password via RSA SecurID, you must have set up your RSA account.


    6. If you selected Duo Push or Duo Phone Callback, accept your password reset in Duo on your device.


    If you're using a device you've used SailPoint on before, as long as you provide the correct code or answer, your password will be changed.


    If you're trying to change your password on a new device, you'll be prompted to provide your old password before the password change takes effect. Without your old password, the account information for apps on your Launchpad is cleared out.


    For more information, see: