How do I set my phone number in IdentityNow?

Version 24

    In IdentityNow, your phone number is used for strong authentication whenever you change your IdentityNow password or when you launch certain high security apps from your Launchpad. As part of this process, the system sends you a verification code as either a voice or text message. You can choose the alternate phone number that IdentityNow uses for this process.


    If your administrator has configured your system to allow you to use these options for password resets or strong authentication, these values are required.


    NOTE: Your work contact details are controlled by your system administrator.




    • Register with IdentityNow and sign in successfully at least once.


    Complete the following steps:


    1. From your Launchpad, click Preferences.


    Before you can edit your preferences, you have to verify your identity using strong authentication.

    2. Click Edit. You'll see the prompt for strong authentication.


    After you successfully verify your identity, you'll see the editable Preferences window.

    prefs edit crop.png

    3. In the Alternate Phone field, type a new phone number.



    • If you want to get verification codes as text messages, be sure to use a phone that can accept them.
    • IdentityNow uses your current IP address to:If you are temporarily working remotely, you might need to correct the code.
      • Suggest a format for your phone number if you enter something that it doesn't recognize
      • Determine the appropriate country code for your phone number


    4. Click Save.


    For more information, see: