How do I change a password for an app in IdentityNow?

Version 19

    If you have changed the password for an app on the app's site, you need to change the password that IdentityNow stores as well so that you can be automatically signed in. While the steps that follow are the same for all apps on your Launchpad, the system response varies based on the type of app you want to change.


    NOTE: If your site uses IdentityNow's Password Management feature, you might see a Home page instead of a Launchpad.




    • Sign in to SailPoint successfully at least once
    • Launch and sign in to at least one app on your Launchpad


    Complete the following steps:


    1. Launch the app from your Launchpad.


    2. Complete the process of changing your password for the website. The process varies for each app.


    3. Go back to your Launchpad and click the caret on the app.



    4. Click Update Password.

    QL update.png



    • The appearance and messages on this dialog box depend on the type of app you are updating.
    • For certain types of apps, you might be able to show your currently stored password before making any changes


    CAUTION: If you have the ability to alternate accounts on an app, editing a password here only updates the password for the currently selected account on that app. If it is your primary account, also known as your authentication account, it might also update your IdentityNow password and your network password. If it is a secondary account, it updates the password on the authentication source assigned to the app.


    5. Click in the new Password field and start to type. The old password information is overwritten with your new password.


    6. Type the same password in Confirm Password.


    7. Click Change to save your changes. The system processes your changes momentarily and then shows a success notice.


    NOTE: Depending on the configuration of the app, IdentityNow might retry sending your update.


    8. Close the dialog box.


    9. Launch the app again to verify that you successfully changed your password.


    For more information, see:


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