How do I configure my browser to automatically update the browser software?

Version 17

    SailPoint uses browser software to help support certain aspects of single sign-on. If your company uses SSO, the browser extension has either already been installed on your browser or you were prompted to install it the first time you signed in to IdentityNow.


    When SailPoint releases upgrades to the browser extension, users of Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari typically see a prompt to upgrade the software. However, you can configure your browser to automatically upgrade when an update is available.



    • Chrome users are updated automatically.
    • If your IT department does not allow you to install software on your workstation, your administrator will manually make these upgrades as they become available.


    This document describes how to configure Chrome, Firefox, and Safari to automatically upgrade minor releases of the SailPoint browser software.



    NOTE: Internet Explorer users can only install a minor release after first uninstalling the current version. You will then be prompted to install the new version. For instructions on uninstalling the software on Internet Explorer, see How do I manually update the browser software on Internet Explorer?




    Chrome updates browser extensions automatically. To learn how to turn off this feature, click here.




    To verify that Firefox is configured to automatically upgrade, complete the following steps:


    1. In the Firefox main menu go to Add-Ons > Extensions.

    2. In the list of extensions, right-click on the already-installed SailPoint X.XX entry and verify that Update Add-ons Automatically is selected.




    To verify that Safari is configured to automatically upgrade, complete the following steps:


    1.  Go to Safari > Preferences > Extensions.

    2. Click on Updates.

    3.  Verify that Install Updates Automatically is selected.


    NOTE: If you manually update the browser software in Safari, you have to restart the browser to see the current version of the browser software.