Why am I signed out so quickly from IdentityNow?

Version 4

    You might be signed out from IdentityNow unexpectedly for a number of reasons:


    • Your administrator is requiring you to perform an immediate password reset. This might occur because IT is seeing some suspicious activity from your account. IdentityNow also allows administrators to take this action if your device is missing or stolen.
    • Your administrator has configured IdentityNow for very short sessions. This might be because you work at a computer that is accessible by a number of different employees throughout the day. The administrator might have configured the system in one or more of the following ways to keep your sessions short:
      • You can only be signed in to IdentityNow for a short period. For example, you might be signed out automatically after 15 minutes.
      • Your session ends and you are signed out as soon as you close the web browser.
      • Your session ends if you haven't used the system for a certain amount of time. For example, if your browser is idle for more than 5 minutes, you are signed out of IdentityNow.