Why am I not being signed out of IdentityNow?

Version 2

    You might have noticed that when you go to IdentityNow, or to apps that are on your Launchpad in IdentityNow, that you're signed in automatically. There are a few reasons why this might happen:


    • Your administrator has configured IdentityNow to use Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA), which is also sometimes known as "no password" sign in. This means that as long as you sign in correctly to your workstation, you get to sign in automatically to IdentityNow.


    • Your administrator has configured IdentityNow for very long sessions. This means that navigating away from IdentityNow or even closing your browser does not automatically sign you out of the system. In this case, if you'd rather sign out of IdentityNow, you have a few options:


      • Sign out manually every time you leave your workstation.
      • On the Sign In page, clear the Remember Me check box.