How do I use Duo for strong authentication?

Version 21

    When you are accessing a high-risk application or a particularly secure page in the IdentityNow interface, you might be asked to use strong authentication. If your company has provided you with a Duo account, you can use it in IdentityNow when you need to confirm your identity.




    • Set up Duo as described here.


    Complete the following steps:


    1. Click on an app the requires strong authentication.


    2. When prompted, select one of the following Duo methods for strong authentication:


    • Duo Passcode
    • Duo Push
    • Duo Callback


    3. Click Continue.


    Refer to How do I set up and use Duo? for more information about each Duo option.


    NOTE: If you haven't registered for Duo yet, you'll be prompted to register before you can strongly authenticate.

    duo options.png

    For more information, see: