How can I delegate a person's certification to a different reviewer?

Version 12

    When you need to certify people's access to data and applications in your organization, you might discover that someone on your list does not belong. This might be someone who officially reports to you but actually works in a cross-departmental team headed by another manager.



    • The process described in this doc only applies to active certifications.
    • If you want to have your certifications automatically reassigned to someone else before they are sent to you, speak to your administrator. Be aware that bulk reassignments are only available for manager certifications. Source owner certifications can only be reassigned on a case-by-case basis.


    You can reassign one or more people in your certifications to any other user in IdentityNow.


    Complete the following steps:


    1. In IdentityNow, go to Certifications.


    2. Click the certification you want to edit.


    3. In the list of users, select each person you want to reassign.


    4. Select Actions > Reassign.


    The Certification Identity Reassignment page is displayed.

    reassign certifications.png

    5. In the To field, enter the name of the reviewer you want to reassign the certification to.



    6. Complete the Reason for Reassignment text box.


    Best Practice: Include your name in the Reason for Reassignment so that the new reviewer can contact you with any questions.


    7. Click Save.

    identity reassignment.png

    In their list of Certifications, the reassigned reviewer will see a line similar to the image on the right.

    user view reassigned certification.png

    In addition, the new reviewer can see the reason for reassignment by clicking the information icon within the certification.cert reassign info.png
    The information is displayed in a format similar to the image on the right.

    identity reassigned info dialog.png


    For more information, see: