[Classic Experience] Why do I have someone else's certification?

Version 13

    Certifications allow access reviewers to approve or revoke people's access to entitlements and accounts. A reviewer or administrator might have chosen to reassign a certification to you. This certification might be for someone who officially reports to someone else but actually works in a cross-departmental team headed by you. Alternatively, this might be someone who has been transferred out of their department but the related authoritative source hasn't been updated yet.


    In your list of Certifications, you will see a row similar to the image on the right.


    Click on the certification to see the certifications that have been reassigned to you.

    user view reassigned certification.png

    You can see the reason for reassignment by clicking the information icon within the certification.reassign.png

    The information is displayed in a format similar to the image on the right.


    This dialog displays the name of the previous reviewer, your name, and the reason the certification was reassigned.


    NOTE: Your administrator can assign your certifications to a different reviewer, as well. In this case, they will no longer appear in your list of certifications and no action is required on your part.

    identity reassigned info dialog.png

    To see how it works in the new experience, click here.