How do I request new Duo Passcodes?

Version 11

    Duo Passcodes are a group of numbers sent to your email or mobile device that allows IdentityNow to verify your identity. If you run out of Duo Passcodes or want a new set, you can request them from the IdentityNow strong authentication interface.


    NOTE: You cannot request new Duo Passcodes from the password reset interface. However, you can request a new passcode from your IT administrator, as described in What is a Duo passcode and how do I get one?.



    • Enroll in Duo in an account provided by your company.

         NOTE: If you have not already enrolled in Duo, you will have an opportunity to do so as part of the strong authentication process in IdentityNow.


    Complete the following steps:


    1. From your Launchpad, click an app that requires strong authentication.



    2. If it is not already selected, select Duo Passcode.



    3. Click Send SMS Passcodes.



    A new set of passcodes will be sent to your device.



    NOTE: If you request new passcodes before using up your previous set, the previous set will become invalid when you request a new set.


    For more information, see: