Why can't I reset my password?

Version 10

    When you reset your IdentityNow password, the system requires you to verify your identity before making any changes. This method of verification, sometimes known as strong authentication, ensures that no one except you can reset your password.


    To further protect your account, IdentityNow sets a limit on the number of times a person can attempt to use strong authentication for password resets. By default, if you or an unauthorized party were unable to verify your identity five (5) times in a row while attempting to reset your password, IdentityNow does not allow password resets on your account for 15 minutes.


    After that period of time, the system allows you to try again.



    • Your administrator can configure both the number of allowed attempts and the period of time that password resets are locked.
    • In some cases, your administrator might not allow you to change your password from off-network or from untrusted locations. If this is true, you will see an error when you click this option.


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