Why does the Update Password dialog say that it's retrying after I changed the password on an app?

Version 17

    Sometimes, the Update Password dialog box might display a message indicating that it's retrying.


    This means that the change that you made was not processed by the source system where your password is managed. As a result, IdentityNow is going to retry to send your changes, meaning we'll keep sending your changes for a certain period of time. This is usually because the source system is temporarily unable to communicate with IdentityNow.


    We do this under the assumption that a temporary outage on the source will be resolved during that period.


    You can continue with work on other apps and monitor the retry attempts as needed. You might also choose to report the problem to your administrator.


    NOTE: When IdentityNow is attempting to resend a change to a password  you see the same message for all apps that share an authentication source as the app you tried to update.


    For more information, see: