Where can I see more information about changing my app password if IdentityNow is "retrying" to send it?

Version 17

    If IdentityNow was unable to change your app's password immediately, it might take some time to process the change or resolve the underlying issues. While you are waiting, you can monitor its status in several places:


    • Within the Update Password dialog box where you changed your password.


    Here, you can see:


      • Whether IdentityNow is trying the password change again


      • How many attempts have been made


      • How long IdentityNow is going to wait before the next attempt
    automatic retry.png
    • From the Passwords tab.


    You can see which apps have successfully had their passwords changed and which apps have failed, were not attempted, or need to retry.


    You can also see more information about the retry attempts in the following places:


      • By clicking the Update button, which launches the Update Password panel from this tab. This page includes how many times IdentityNow has tried to update the password as well as how long until the next attempt.
    password change retry available buttons.png
      • By clicking the Info icon, which launches the Password Update Detail panel. This shows the start time of the password change and other details.


    You can contact your administrator at any time during the period that IdentityNow is retrying to send your password update to the source system. While the administrator cannot cancel your update, they might be able to resolve the underlying connection issue.