What should I do if IdentityNow is having problems changing my password on an app?

Version 14

    Sometimes, when you submit a new password in the Update Password dialog box, you might see a message indicating that IdentityNow retrying. This is usually because IdentityNow can't connect to the app's source of accounts. For example, if you try to change the password in Outlook, you might have a problem if Active Directory is temporarily down.


    NOTE: When IdentityNow is attempting to resend a change to a password  you see the same message for all apps that share an authentication source as the app you tried to update.


    The password change retries six times, at the following intervals:


    • 5 seconds after the initial attempt
    • 1 minute after the second attempt
    • 3 minutes later
    • 10 minutes later
    • 30 minutes later
    • 90 minutes later


    While there's not much you can do during this process, you do have a few options:


    • Monitor the process.
    • Contact your IT department to ask them to look into why the system might be down.


    If the password change is still not successful after these attempts, IdentityNow stops trying to make the change. These apps display a Failed badge or a Not Attempted badge.


    If you are unable to change your password, your administrator can see the details of the failure in the source system's activity log.


    In addition, IdentityNow notifies you when the process is complete by sending an email that indicates if your change succeeded, failed, or was not attempted.