I changed my password but I got an email that said not all app passwords were updated. What do I do?

Version 4

    If you change either a specific app's password or your main password for the system, you might be changing it on other apps too. For example, your password might be shared by Salesforce, Google Apps, and Concur.


    If one of those systems is down for some reason, the password might not get updated. When this happens, you'll see an email that explains which apps were updated successfully and which weren't. If the password change for the authentication source fails, IdentityNow does not change the password for any of the apps associated with that source or any of the other sources in the sync group. If the change was successful on the authentication source, but not another source in the sync group, the status of the password change for that source and all its apps will show as Failed.


    It is important to remember that all the passwords need to match on these systems and apps. That means that, even if your change was successful on some, you still need to try again to change the password for all the related systems.


    CAUTION: Depending on your company's rules about re-using passwords, when you try again, you might need to change the password to something completely different for all systems.