What do I use as my RSA SecurID code?

Version 11

    An RSA SecurID code is similar to a one-time password. If you have an RSA account and your organization has integrated IdentityNow with RSA, you might use this SecurID to strongly authenticate or to change your password.


    You might have been issued a hardware device that displays a token for you. Alternatively, you might have software on your computer that calculates a code.


    Your RSA SecurID is often a combination of a PIN you have set within RSA and the tokencode displayed by your RSA hardware or software. RSA offers the following options:


    • PIN integrated with your tokencode
    • PIN followed by your tokencode (this is the most common option)
    • Tokencode with no PIN


    IdentityNow requires the format your administrator has configured within RSA.


    For more information, see: