Take a tour of the user certification screen

Version 12

    When you are in the process of completing a certification, you can review a variety of information from the User Certification Screen so that you can approve or revoke the access of people you are reviewing.


    This page includes a list of all the items the user has access to that require your review.


    Sort Order for Cert Contents


    Items for individuals now appear in order of priority as follows:


    1. Exceptions
    2. Applications
    3. Additional entitlements (for example, source accounts and entitlements not associated with an app).


    Within each of the above categories (for example, exceptions),  items appear with apps before additional entitlements. All related access types are grouped together. For example, all security profiles of Salesforce.com are grouped together under the general Salesforce app. Finally, within each grouping, items are sorted alphabetically.


    ipa-472 new access.png


    1.pngClick All Users to go back to the User Certification list.
    2.pngUse < and > to page through the people you need to certify.
    3.pngShows the IdentityNow display name of the person being certified.
    4.pngCancel reverts any changes you have made and Save Decisions propagates your selections in the Decisions column to the person's entitlements.
    5.pngIndicates the type of items being certified.
    6.pngIndicates the number of items remaining to be approved or revoked for this person.
    7.pngClick the Actions icon and select an action to perform on selected access items.
    8.pngClick View to determine how much detail you can see about a certification item. Options are Descriptions or Descriptions and Entitlements.
    9.pngThe decisions you can make about a certification item. Options are Approve and Revoke.
    10.pngThe name of the application or source the entitlements are associated with.

    View any exceptions listed for each entitlement on this page:

    • If the person was granted this entitlement since the last certification campaign, it is marked as New Access.
    • If an entitlement is sensitive, it is marked as Privileged.

    NOTE: The first time you run a certification campaign for your users, all entitlements are marked as New Access.

    For more information, see: