How do I unlock my IdentityNow account?

Version 23

    If you lock your IdentityNow account, you can unlock it by verifying your identity using strong authentication. IdentityNow always requires strong authentication for unlocking accounts so your data remains secure.




    • Set your preferences for strong authentication in the Preferences window on the Launchpad


    Complete the following steps:


    1. Click Sign in Help.


    2. Click Unlock Account.


    3. Select a strong authentication method for verifying your identity. This is either a code sent to a phone as a text or voice message, an email with a special link, or one or more security questions.


    NOTE: The options that appear depend on:

    • How your system administrator configured your site.
    • Which phone numbers or emails are defined for you in the system.


    4. Click Continue. The system response depends on your selection.


    Options include:

    • Answer security questions
    • Click the link in the email
    • Provide a verification code, RSA code, Symantec VIP security code, or SafeNet passcode
    • Use any available Duo Security options


    As long as you verify your identity correctly, your account is unlocked immediately.


    However, if you selected Duo Push or Duo Phone Callback, you'll need to first accept the unlock request in Duo on your device.



    • If you are unable to receive a verification code, speak to your system administrator for assistance.
    • If you are resetting your password via Duo Security, you must have already enrolled in Duo using the steps provided in How do I set up and use Duo?.
    • In some cases, your administrator might not allow you to unlock your account from off-network or from untrusted locations. If this is true, you will see an error when you click this option.
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    For more information, see: