How can I change my IdentityNow password and my network password at the same time?

Version 7

    Your administrator might have configured a way for you to change your IdentityNow password at the same time as you change your network password. This means you have to remember fewer passwords and make fewer changes to keep them in sync.


    Contact your administrator if you are not sure whether your workstation has this software installed.




    • Your administrator has configured IdentityNow's Desktop Password Reset utility for your workstation
    • You have Internet Explorer 10 or 11 installed on your workstation.


    Complete the following steps:


    1. Before you sign in to your workstation, click Forgot Password?.

    forgot password.png

    You will see a restricted browser similar to the image on the right. You cannot navigate to any other websites from this browser.


    2. Enter your IdentityNow user name in the User Name field and click Continue.


    After this point, the process is identical to the process described in How do I change my password if I forget it or need to reset it?.

    desktop password reset continue.png


    For more information, see: