What is Symantec VIP?

Version 13

    Symantec VIP is a third party solution that provides strong authentication options for companies that need them. Your company will likely distribute Symantec VIP accounts separately from IdentityNow. The employees can then enroll and install the app on their devices.


    If your company has provided you with a Symantec VIP account, you can use it in IdentityNow when you need to confirm your identity for strong authentication or password resets.




    • Install a Symantec VIP Credential on your device or devices.

    • Optional: Set your preferences to one of the Symantec VIP strong authentication methods.


    Symantec VIP Options:


    We support the following methods for using Symantec VIP:


    • Symantec VIP Security Code


    Enter the security code found on your VIP Credential, such as your Symantec VIP Access mobile or desktop app.

    symantec vip desktop app.png
    • Symantec VIP Push


    Symantec VIP sends a notification to your mobile device. To accept the push, tap APPROVE.

    push notification .png