How do I add apps to my IdentityNow Launchpad?

Version 5

    You can add apps to your Launchpad to use them as bookmarks, or to allow IdentityNow to sign you in automatically to those sites. Your Launchpad might be populated with a number of apps by default. You can add additional apps by following the instructions below.


    NOTE: Applications provisioned by your IT department are automatically detected and added to your Launchpad. This is optional and not all organizations have activated this service. The following instructions are for adding additional apps that were not already provisioned by IT.




    • Register with IdentityNow and sign in successfully at least once.


    Complete the following steps:


    1. Click Request Center.


    2. Click Add to add an app.


    The app is added in the background so you can add as many as you'd like.


    NOTE: For more information about an app, hover your mouse over the information icon next to Add.


    3. Use the Search field at the top of the list to search for a specific app.


    4. Type any part of the app name to search the name and description of all apps in the Request Center.


    If your search returns no results, speak to your system administrator about requesting that the app be added to the Request Center.

    5. Click Launchpad to return to the Launchpad.

    6. Click each app to complete your credential information when needed.


    NOTE: If your organization has activated the IdentityNow provisioning service, you might not need to complete this step because that service might automatically populate your credentials.


    For more information, see: