Take a tour of the IdentityNow Launchpad

Version 5




    The SailPoint Launchpad is the access point for all your web apps.


    launchpad tour numbered.png



    The context drop-down menu next to your name lets you access help, change your IdentityNow password, and sign out of the application.


    Request Center lets you add apps to your Launchpad.

    three.pngPreferences lets you change your phone number and specify your strong authentication method.
    four.pngPasswords lets you see each password group and manage your passwords for your apps.
    five.pngTask Manager lets you manage provisioning tasks that were assigned to you by a manager.
    six.pngCertifications is for managers at organizations that use Access Certification.

    The Search field lets you search for apps on your Launchpad. This is especially helpful if you have a large number of apps.


    Each launcher represents an app that you can work with in IdentityNow.


    Drop-down menus on an app launcher contain access to the Update Password and Remove App buttons. They also sometimes include quick links to specific pages within the app's website.


    The key icon indicates you need to provide account or authentication information before you can automatically sign in.


    The information icon indicates you need to accept a usage agreement before you can use the app


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