How do I review an access request?

Version 11

    If your site has enabled the Access Requests module for IdentityNow, you might sometimes be asked to review users' access. You can then determine whether the access level is appropriate for the user requesting that access.


    On each access request card, you can see the following information:

    • The name of the user who will receive the access if this request is approved
    • The name of the requested access profile
    • A description of the access profile
    • The date the access was requested
    • The name of the user who requested the access
    • The owner of the access profile
    • The requester's reason for requesting access, if applicable


    When you receive an access request, you will receive an email notifying you that you must review access. Click the link in the email or follow the steps below.




    • An access request assigned to you


    Complete the following steps:


    1. Sign in to IdentityNow and go to Approvals.


    2. Find the access request you need to review.


    3. If the user was required to leave comments explaining why they need this app, click the Comments icon to see their comments.


    Review the information included there and determine whether the user needs that access.


    4. Click Approve or Deny.


    If you approve this access, one of two things happens:

    • If you are the final reviewer in the queue of users who need to review this access, the user is granted access as soon as you approve it.
    • If more users need to review this access, the access request is sent to the next reviewer in the queue.


    5. If you are denying this request, and a dialog appears asking you for comments, enter the reason you are denying the request. You can enter up to 500 characters.


    This feature is supported on tablets and desktop devices.


    If you deny this access, the approval process ends. Even if there are multiple reviewers in the queue, only one reviewer needs to deny access.


    If you believe someone else would be able to review this access better than you, you can reassign the access request to them.


    If you would like to see access requests you've already approved or denied, your comments from denying a request, requester comments made when access was originally requested, or any comments related to the reassignment of a request, click the Completed tab.


    For more information, see: