Reviewing Access with Certifications

Version 32

    To keep your organization successful and secure, you need to know who has access to what and if that access is correct. That way, each individual has everything they need to achieve their goals. As a manager or source owner, IdentityNow gives you a sharply focused, easily consumable view of access including options to:

    • Review the items a user has access to
    • Track decision-making in real time
    • Reassign certifications to other reviewers as needed


    No matter why you need to complete a certification campaign, it offers a convenient, accessible way to make access decisions quickly and confidently, as well as a more detailed scope of identities, including their, access profiles, and entitlements.


    Check out the documentation for more information on how to review certifications, complete campaigns, and more.


    Take a Tour of CertificationsFamiliarize yourself with your screen and how you can approve or revoke access for identities you're reviewing.
    How do I review a certification?Review your users' access profiles, entitlements, and apps.
    How can I approve or revoke all access items for a user at the same time?Review multiple access items more quickly.



    Why do I have someone else's certification?When a certification is reassigned to you, view it easily from within the certifications page.
    How can I delegate a person's certification to a different reviewer?In some cases, it may be necessary for another user to review your certification.



    How can I view my completed certifications?When an active campaign is completed, view it easily from within the certifications page.