What do I need to do to set up SafeNet MobilePASS?

Version 12

    If your company has provided you with a SafeNet account, you can use SafeNet as a strong authentication method in IdentityNow when you need to confirm your identity. To use SafeNet MobilePASS, you must complete several steps outside of the IdentityNow interface.


    SafeNet-Specific Tasks:


    • Enroll in SafeNet using an account that was provided by your company
    • Set up SafeNet MobilePASS on your device so that you can get one-time verification codes when you need them
    • Find out the required format for your SafeNet passcode from your administrator. This will always include a one-time passcode, but could include a PIN as well. Possible combinations could include:
      • OTP (One-time passcode)
      • OTP + PIN
      • PIN + OTP


    NOTE: IdentityNow only supports SafeNet MobilePASS.


    IdentityNow-Specific Tasks:


    • When prompted, enter the SafeNet passcode using the format required by your administrator.
    • Optional: Set your preferences to use SafeNet for strong authentication.


    For more information, see: