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AI-driven Access Recommendations – Less Certification. More Revocation.

SailPoint Employee
SailPoint Employee
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Authored by Tina Duong, Senior Product Manager, SailPoint

As **bleep** Clark once said, “Music is the soundtrack of your life.” Music helps me sit through the horrendous rush hour traffic in Los Angeles. It pumps my friends and me up before a concert or, on my own, allows me to pretend I am starring in a sad music video in the pouring rain. Music calms me when I am taking a long drive along the Pacific Coast Highway. To assure the right vibe, though, I rely on music recommendations.  

Before music streaming became popular, the decision of what songs to play in the car was conscious. There was also limited space for CDs and cassettes, so variety was restricted. Now that music streaming has gained popularity, there are unlimited options to listen to, which can make it difficult (and sometimes dangerous) to sort through them. And thanks to music recommendations, I don’t need to put in as much effort to ensure the right songs are playing during my drive.  

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 Montaña de Oro in San Luis Obispo – I drove here often to take walks and shoot portraits for friends!

Music recommendations solve my decision paralysis of setting the mood for my drive. Not having to worry about this has become embedded into my daily routine. If finding the right music for the right person is this straightforward, why can’t connecting the right people to the right technology be this easy?   

Having been a business manager myself, I know well about certification fatigue when it comes to identity security and access control. A few times a year, the managers get the list of entitlements to review for his/her team. Without context, many of them are just rubber stamping and approving everything, fearing that they may accidentally revoke the needed access for the employees. As a result, overprovisioning and noncompliance happen.    

AI-driven Access Recommendations  

What if the managers are provided with insights to make informed decisions? How about less certification and more revocation? SailPoint Identity Security Cloud can help. Access Recommendations is a crucial capability of SailPoint Identity Security Cloud. It allows business managers and application owners to make faster and better access decisions with AI-driven insights. Peer group analysis, including identity attributes like location, role, and department, is used to proactively suggest access to users and help business stakeholders make informed decisions.     

Access Recommendations, personalized to each identity, suggest whether access should be approved or revoked during a certification campaign. Furthermore, it excludes birthright access (e.g., workday, Slack…etc.) from the list to reduce the items that need to be reviewed and auto-approve low-risk access so business managers can focus their time on high-risk things.   

The result? A much more efficient and accurate certification process that helps alleviate certification fatigue reduces the time it takes to complete certification campaigns and provides more confidence in making the right decisions. No more rubber stamping! 

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And, revisiting my daily driving routine, whether they’re used for making decisions around streaming your music or your certification campaigns, recommendations are here to stay.   

Please visit our SailPoint Identity Security Cloud page to learn more about Access Recommendations.