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Close Risky Security Gaps and Increase Efficiency with Identity Security Automation

SailPoint Employee
SailPoint Employee
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Authored by Susie Spenser, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing

It surprises me that in today’s digitally accelerated world, many organizations are still trying to manage and secure their identities with manual processes – using older means like spreadsheets, for example – which is nearly impossible. According to our recent survey, 55% of companies still rely on manual processes to adjust user access when IT environments change. This opens the proverbial door to unnecessary workloads, human error that can result in significant risk to the organization, and lost worker productivity, increasing organizational costs.  

From user onboarding and access/change requests to certifications, password resets, and stopping risky access – already overloaded security and IT teams are facing mounting responsibilities concerning organizational and change management. One might say these responsibilities go beyond what’s humanly possible to perform successfully.  

“Today, as never before, organizations need to perform IAM tasks quickly and accurately, with maximum security, but with the least annoyance to users and minimum disruption to the business.”1 How can Security/IT resources achieve this conflicting balance?   

Automation with AI-driven identity security is at the heart of the balance. It can minimize risk, maximize scale, flexibility, and efficiency, and help organizations maintain a robust, effective, and compliant cyber security posture.  

This is where SailPoint steps in. At the core of SailPoint Identity Security are AI and machine learning. A foundation that streamlines and automates identity processes and decisions such as onboarding/offboarding, access requests, access changes, role modeling, and access certifications. This automation drives greater efficiencies across your IT organization and your entire workforce by ensuring users always have the proper access needed to do their job – no more and no less.  

Our AI-driven, automated identity security …  

  • Replaces manual processes with intelligent automation to better and more efficiently discover, manage and secure access to essential business resources and data  
  • Facilitates defining user roles and creating policies to govern access throughout the lifecycle of every digital identity  
  • Simplifies the administration of identity security programs by automating important identity decisions and freeing IT teams to focus elsewhere.  
  • Monitors your organization as it evolves – enabling you to adapt access models and policies autonomously so your security stays up-to-date and compliant.  
  • Provides a low-code SaaS workflow tool allowing you to automate identity processes that would traditionally require additional logic, parsing, complex approvals, out-of-band requests, and more.  

Automation is driving significant efficiencies for complex customers around the globe. Here are just a few examples where SailPoint is helping enterprise organizations drive real business results:  

Access certifications  

From 1 year to 1 month  

Automating new user access  

From 14 hours to 2.5 minutes  

Self-service access requests  

62k requests fulfilled automatically  

0 help desk calls  

~$1m annual cost savings  

SailPoint Identity Security automation pays the ultimate dividend: freeing your workers to focus on innovation, collaboration, and productivity while reducing risk and improving the total cost of ownership for the business.  

Learn more about SailPoint’s robust AI-driven automation here

1CyberEdge 2022 Threat Report