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Virtual Summit: Embark on your AI-Driven Identity Security Journey

SailPoint Employee
SailPoint Employee
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Applied strategically, AI has the ability to shift companies away from reactive and inefficient traditional IGA to a modern, proactive approach that accelerates employee productivity with least privilege access. How? Find out for yourself when you attend SailPoint’s upcoming Virtual Summit: Embark on your AI-Driven Identity Security Journey to learn how to use AI and ML to simplify management and improve performance of your Identity Security program.

During this two-day event, broken into separate business value and technical training sessions taking place on June 14 and 15. SailPoint experts will set the foundation for business leaders, program managers, and administrators to plan their AI and ML implementation:

  • Discussing common misconceptions about AI and ML in identity programs
  • Examining how SailPoint sets customers on a path to Autonomous Identity Security
  • Sharing best practices using customer use cases
  • Providing an overview of recommendations tuning, AI setup, and access insights

During the summit’s technical training session, customers will learn how to use SailPoint’s AI-Driven Access Modeling to:

  • Effectively discover, create, and maintain roles for SailPoint IdentityNow
  • Use Role Discovery to discover common and specialized roles that provide the right level of access
  • Learn to use Role Insights to maintain roles over time and as needs change

You'll learn how to facilitate collaboration within the organization to ensure appropriate levels of access results in least privilege; substituting scheduled certification campaigns with proactive management of appropriate access; automate processes and workflows to dynamically adapt access to changes in the organization, including acquisitions and divestitures while accelerating time-to-value, and, keenly, how to leverage identity analytics to drive continuous improvements and effortlessly meet regulatory requirements.

Watch on-demand now:

Day 1 - June 14

Day 2 - June 15

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