API to Configure Sign In Page Fields

API to Configure Sign In Page Fields

A customer might need to configure the labels on the IdentityNow sign in page. For example, customers who use email addresses for user names might find that their users get confused by the User Name field.


This functionality also allows you to provide sample text in the empty fields when the user clicks out of them.


IMPORTANT: This API is being deprecated in favor of the IdentityNow Platform APIs. While this API will continue to be available for the foreseeable future, SailPoint recommends that you transition to the new version as soon as possible. For detailed information about all new platform APIs, visit the SailPoint API Reference.




  • On Chrome, sign in to the org as an administrator. Click Admin and use strong authentication to log in.
  • Open your preferred tool for making API calls




Change the Sign In Fields


POST <org>/cc/api/org/set


where <org> is the URL for the customer's IdentityNow org.


The following JSON is required:


{ "usernameLabel": "<label>", "usernameEmptyText": "<text>" }




  • <label> is the new text for the sentence at the top that reads "Sign in with your <label>"
  • <text> is the sample text that appears in the empty user name field if the user clicks out of that field.
A successful result looks similar to the image on the right. postman success.png

In addition, the new sign in page now has the new field labels and sample text. The image on the right shows the results if you want to change the User Name field label to Email Address.


This also changes the field label when a user updates their password and has to supply their user name.

new user name label.png


Reset the Sign In Page:


Use the following JSON:


{ "usernameLabel": "", "usernameEmptyText": "" }


Alternatively, you can use:


{ "usernameLabel": null, "usernameEmptyText": null }

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