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Guide to Certification and Approval Recommendations

Guide to Certification and Approval Recommendations

SailPoint Predictive Identity provides insightful recommendations for reviewers/approvers when certifying and approving access utilizing both machine learning and data analysis.

Learn more about certification and approval recommendations below.





Certification and approval recommendations enhances the overall experience for your reviewers/approvers by making them more efficient and more confident when approving, revoking, or denying access.



Understanding Recommendations


SailPoint Predictive Identity uses common access amongst peers, also known as Peer Group Analysis, to recommend whether access should be granted, revoked, or maintained. Recommendations are provided for fine grain entitlements included in certifications and access request approvals.


Recommendation Reason
Yes Greater than 70% of the identities within the peer group have the access
  • 70% or below of the identities within the peer group have the access
  • Entitlement is unique to the identity's peer group
None Identity does not belong to a peer group


Reviewers/approvers can instantly view if a recommendation is available or not and can also filter based on the recommendation.


Understanding Peer Group Analysis

Peer group analysis is a machine learning model that analyzes data based on groups.

SailPoint Predictive Identity uses peer group analysis in its AI Services to organize your identities into peer groups based on common entitlements, and simplify the creation and maintenance of a dynamic identity governance program. 

Peer groups are constantly evolving with your data and updated on a daily basis. 

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