How can I help a user edit their preferences when they can't strongly authenticate?

How can I help a user edit their preferences when they can't strongly authenticate?

In most cases, a user can reset their own password, manage their strong authentication preferences, and change their communication attributes using IdentityNow's self-service methods. However, in some cases a user might not remember their strong authentication information, preventing them from changing their password or managing their preferences. If this is true, users can contact helpdesk to help them change their strong authentication information so they can reset their password.

Helpdesk can't change their password for them, but they can help the user edit their strong authentication information so they can change their own password.

By resetting the user's identity, the user can re-register and edit their strong authentication preferences, including their security questions, their alternate phone number and email address, and a usage agreement if applicable. The user will receive a new invitation to IdentityNow and must click this link to re-register and enter their information to sign in. If your organization has configured passthrough authentication, the user does not have to click the link in the email and can begin by signing in to IdentityNow with their existing user name and password.

If your organization does not use passthrough authentication, resetting an identity will also reset their password. If you do have passthrough authentication, these steps will not change your users' passwords.

CAUTION: To protect the user's account credentials, the password for every app on the user's Launchpad is cleared and must be re-entered.

Complete the following steps:

1. Go to the Identity List.

2. Click the name of the user you want to reset.

3. Select Actions > Reset Identity.

The user's status changes from Active to Not Invited.

reset identity.png

4. Go to the Identity List.

5. Select the check box next to the name of the user you just reset.

6. Select Actions > Invite User.

The system sends an email invitation to the user. The user can then re-register and change their password.

If your site uses passthrough authentication, your user might not need to re-register. They can simply sign back in to IdentityNow and they will be prompted for any registration information required, including strong authentication questions and their alternate phone and email if applicable.

If the user wants to edit their password in this scenario, they must click the invitation link that is sent to them through email.

reset identity2.png

After the user re-registers, they'll have access to their Launchpad with all the apps that were previously added.

If this doesn't solve the problem, you might might need to temporarily remove their record from IdentityNow.

NOTE: This action can also be performed on the Identity List. See How do I manage the list of users? for more information.

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