How do I configure the foundation data for my IdentityNow site?

How do I configure the foundation data for my IdentityNow site?



  • Contact SailPoint to deploy your site
  • Send your implementation details to SailPoint customer support
  • Ensure that each user has a valid email address in the authoritative source
  • Review your options for system and security settings
  • Optional: Customize various options related to branding


Complete the following steps:


1. Create virtual appliance clusters and at least two virtual appliances in each cluster. For instructions, see Virtual Appliance Reference Guide​.


2. Create your initial administrator accounts.


3. Review your source's default instructions for correlating accounts with identities. Edit these to match your company's data.


4. Create your authoritative sources. Best Practice: To ensure that correlation occurs as expected, do not aggregate the accounts until after you complete step 5.


5. In Identities > Identity Profiles, use your authoritative source to create an identity profile and name it something meaningful. Many users name the identity profile after the source of accounts.


NOTE: The order in which you create identity profiles determines which source is considered authoritative for a user.


a. Define security settings for identities in this profile.


b. Configure your mappings for the accounts. This determines what data from the sources is associated with what attribute in IdentityNow.


c. Check for uncorrelated accounts on your sources to ensure that all employees are accounted for in the system


6. Load account data into IdentityNow.


NOTE: If you want your employees to use passthrough authentication, step 6 must include the authentication source or sources.


7. Now that you have your users loaded into IdentityNow, you can give additional people access to the Admin interface to help complete the configuration. You may choose to invite your users to use IdentityNow at this time or later in the configuration.


8. Configure the apps that your users typically sign in to.


9. Upload entitlements. When you aggregated your users' accounts, their entitlements came with them. However, if there are entitlements on a source that are not attached to a user, you can load them in this step.


The rest of the configuration for your site depends on the features you have enabled for your org. IdentityNow supports the following services:


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