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How do I create an app tile my employees can use to change their password for a source?

How do I create an app tile my employees can use to change their password for a source?

You can create a password management tile for your users' Launchpads or Home pages that allows them to change their source passwords, including their passwords on your corporate network. Apps configured this way do not launch a website.


NOTE: You can also configure an app that supports both password management and SSO. See How can I create an app that supports SSO and Password Management? for details.




  • Password Management must be enabled for your IdentityNow site
  • Password Management must be configured on the source connected to this app
  • Optionally, create a new app


Complete the Following Steps:


1. From the Admin interface, go to Applications.


2. Click the app you want to edit.


3. Under App Accounts Created By, select Admin (IT).


4. Under Account Source, All Users From Source or Select Users From Source.


5. Under Select Source, choose a source. Users with accounts on this source can manage their passwords for this source using this app tile when you complete its configuration.



  • You can allow your users to change their corporate network passwords by enabling Password Management on the source used as the Authentication Source in identity profiles and then choosing that source here.
  • If any identity profiles are configured to use this source as an authentication source, changing their password using this tile also changes their SailPoint password.
  • If this source is part of a password sync group, when a user changes the password for this source using the app tile, all other sources and apps in the sync group have their passwords changed as well.


6. Under Request Center Options, ensure that Visible in the Request Center is checked.

account source.png

7. Under Access Management Type, ensure that Launch App is not selected.


8. Set Enable For Users to ON.


9. Click Save.

access management type.png

This app appears on the Launchpads or Home pages of all users from the selected source and only allows users to change their passwords on that source.


For more information, see:


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