How do I mark an entitlement as privileged?

How do I mark an entitlement as privileged?

If an entitlement grants users visibility to particularly sensitive data or significant permissions in your organization, you can can mark it as privileged to draw certification reviewers' attention to it.





Complete the following steps:


1. Sign in to IdentityNow and go to the Admin interface.


2. Go to Connections > Sources.


3. Click the source you want to edit.


4. Go to the Entitlements tab for the source.


5. Select the checkboxes to the left of any entitlements you want to mark as privileged.

source entitlements.png

6. Click Actions > Mark as Privileged.


These entitlements will display the Privileged badge in this list, in search results, and in any certification campaigns they're included in.


In addition, if you add these entitlements to an access profile, you’ll see the same indicator in certification campaigns for both the access profile and roles that have that access profile.


To remove the Privileged badge, select the entitlement and choose Actions > Remove Privileged.

privileged badge entitlement.png


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