How do I update the account information in a flat file source?

How do I update the account information in a flat file source?

If you want to change the currently loaded information in a flat file source, you can download that data from the Accounts tab and then import​ a new version of the file.

WARNING: The flat file must contain all current data in addition to any new data. If you only add new data, you will overwrite the accounts on that source.  You must also maintain the current formatting of the data itself. If you change the contents of an existing row, IdentityNow will create a new identity using the entries in that row.


Complete the following steps to updated account information in a flat file source:

1. From the Admin interface, click Connections > Sources.

2. Click the source for which you'd like to download the accounts.

3. Click the Accounts tab.

4. Click CSV.

download accounts.png

5. Edit the file as needed.

NOTE: To import sources with large numbers of accounts and entitlements, we recommend breaking up the flat file source into separate CSV files of 400,000 lines or fewer. After import, each CSV file will show as a source in IdentityNow.

6. Go to Import Data.

7. Click Import.

8. Upload the file(s) from step 5.

9. Go to Identities > Identities List and click on a user to verify that their account from the source appears as expected.


NOTE:  Account exports appear in audit reports in Search. 


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