Report Admin User Level

It can be beneficial for enterprises to securely hand off responsibilities to specific individuals within their organization. Sharing responsibilities ensures that administrators do not have too much responsibility or power over governance actions.

A user with report admin permissions can use, save, and subscribe to Search, including downloading CSV reports everywhere they're available. For information about other user levels, see IdentityNow User Level Access Matrix.

For information on how to grant and remove user levels, see Granting and Removing User Level Permissions.


  • A user cannot grant themselves report admin permissions.
  • An IdentityNow admin can grant or remove report admin permissions for a user.
  • Users can be assigned multiple user levels. Users will have the combined access of all levels assigned to them.
  • If you grant someone the report admin user level, this will appear in certifications as an entitlement that the reviewer can grant or revoke.

Report Admin Access and Actions

Users with report admin permissions can see the following pages and perform the following actions in IdentityNow:

IdentityNow Page If you want to... See...

Build queries to search for data in your system.

How do I use Search in IdentityNow?

Download default and custom reports from Search.

Downloading Reports from the Search Interface

Admin > Dashboard >

System Activity

Track recent changes to the IdentityNow system How do I monitor my IdentityNow system activity?
View the changes that administrators have made to the applications in your system How can I view a report of configuration changes made to an app?

To Do Tasks

View and download the tasks that were assigned to managers in your organization Where can I view the tasks assigned to managers?

Password Resets

Track the number of passwords the users in your system have reset using IdentityNow How can I track the number of password resets in my organization?
Estimate the amount of money saved by using IdentityNow's self-service password reset functionality How can I measure the value IdentityNow Password Management provides to my organization?

Certification Campaigns

View your in-progress certification campaigns and estimate how much more work has to be done on each How can I see the status of my active certifications?

SSO Activity

See recent single sign-on activity within IdentityNow and estimate the amount of time it has saved you How can I view a summary of recent SSO activity?


Review recent provisioning activity that took place in your system How can I view a report of the provisioning activity in my system?

Data Explore

Track and visualize data about your governance environment over time Visualizing Access Data with Data Explore

Admin >
Identities >
Access History

View historical access data for your identities Viewing Access History

Admin > Global >


View audit and other reports within IdentityNow.

How can I see audit reports about activity in IdentityNow?


View a live display of events in progress. How can I view detailed audit entries about all activity in my IdentityNow site?


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