Feature Update: Private Messages

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The user interface for private messages has been updated. The new design includes threaded messages for a more streamlined view, and search capabilities so you can search your inbox.

Keep reading for a quick overview about the new version of private messages. 


Click Search and type in a query to look through your messages. Select the green pen and paper icon to compose a new message. 

Private Messages v3 005.png


Navigate to the Options menu above the search bar to view overall inbox options. 

Private Messages v3 002.png


Toggle between Inbox for all messages, and Sent for sent messages, by selecting the dropdown icon on "Inbox".

Private Messages v3 001.png


Change how you interact with the sender - Ignore User or Add Friend - by going to the Options menu to next to the trashcan icon. The trashcan icon is to delete messages. 

Private Messages v3 003.png


Report messages to a moderator by selecting the options menu within the message and clicking on Report To Moderator

Private Messages v3 004.png


The updated How To: Private Messages tutorial is coming soon! In that tutorial we will take a closer look at the features available. If you have any questions, feedback, or errors with the Private Messages interface update please reach out to the team at compass-help@sailpoint.com

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