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Community Manager
Community Manager

Read this article to learn more about some of the recent changes to the community structure. Find out where presentations from past Navigate conferences are, how to get Compass help, and more. 


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Your comments are important! The changes listed below were made based off of user feedback. Please continue to leave your comments through the survey when prompted, or send us a message at


  • New Webinars Landing Page - Before, all webinars were lumped into one blog with labels to serve as categories for the types of webinars. Now, users are presented with webinar subjects and can easily select the type they want to view.


  • Ticketing Split from the Community - Before, users has to view tickets in Compass. Now, users have the full functionality and features that our ticketing platform has to offer now that it is no longer part of Compass. To learn more about the new Support Portal, check out this tutorial in Compass.


  • Gamification: New Badges Added - There are more badges to earn in Compass! View the list of earned and possible badges by going to your Profile and selecting View All Badges.


  • Exact Search - The "Exact Search" feature is working in Compass! Use quotes around a term to search for an "exact phrase." If you are finding that your results still appear to be off, please send the phrase that you searched for to, along with the result that you expect to appear.


  • Box no longer hosts Product Downloads - Users can now download their product directly from the community. 

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