How To: Edit Your Personal Information

How To: Edit Your Personal Information

Keep your information up to date so that you continue to receive notifications about your posts, replies and topics that you are subscribed to. 

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To access your settings, click on your avatar (profile picture) and select My Settings. Under the Personal tab you can view your Username, Email, Password, Personal Information and more.

Update your Email and/or Username

You can view your username and email under your settings, but you cannot change them. If you've switched employers or you want to change the way your name is displayed in the community, send your request to Let us know the reason for the request, what the old and new email is, and if your new organization is a customer or partner. Your information will be reviewed and verified before any changes are made. 
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It is important that your email remains up to date in order for you to receive any notices that you are subscribed to, and to reset forgotten passwords. The main reason for not getting notices from Compass is out of date email addresses. 

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Keep your account secure by updating your password periodically. You can do so my selecting the Password tab and following the steps to change your password. 


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Select Personal Information to see what kind of information you can choose to share. Add your name, signature, title location, web page and a biography. The information shared here is voluntary.
Signatures appear automatically at the end of your posts and replies in the forum. Many users use this feature to share favorite quotes or their title and organization. You can also include the SailPoint products you use and the version number.
As a Community Moderator, I find it useful to remind others to accept solutions, kudo posts and view the Compass tutorials. Here is an example of my signature - 
If someone resolved your question, accept their reply as a solution. You can also give kudos to replies to show your appreciation. Watch the Compass How-to Videos for more information about the community.
Note: The signature text box accepts basic HTML.
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The text from the Biography section, appears under My Profile> Member Profile. Visit the How To: View Your Activity and Latest Posts tutorial to learn more about your profile page. 
The Private Notes section is hidden from other community members by default. To make this section public, go to Preferences> Privacy and tick off "All" or "Friends Only" where is says "Show private information in profile to." 

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You can also download your content and personal information from the Personal Information section. 
Check out the other Compass tutorials to learn more about the community.
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