How To: Ranks and Badges


Have fun with your Compass contributions by moving up in the ranks and collecting badges!


Your rank indicates how long and how much you participate in the community over time. The more you participate, the further you go up in the ranks. Participation includes writing posts and comments, and actions like accepting solutions and kudo-ing content.

Currently the Compass ranks range from Sailor to Fleet Admiral. Your rank is displayed under your name on your profile, and in other places in Compass when you interact with the community. Members may have multiple badges, but can only hold one rank at a time.


User profiles are rewarded with a badge upon the completion of an important community action or milestone. These accomplishments are visible to yourself and other members. Click on your avatar in the upper right hand corner and go to My profile, and then click on View all badges to see what you have won, and what you can win. You can also view all badges on another member's profile for a little friendly competition. 


What do these ranks mean exactly? Say, I'm Lookout now, how would i know what rank I need to work up to and how?

The ranks are a fun way to show how long and how much you've been contributing to the community. Contributions include things like logging in, posting in the forums, tagging posts, answering questions, accepting solutions and kudo-ing posts. As you engage with the community over time, your rank will change. Currently our ranks go from Sailor to Fleet Admiral. 

Could you post the actual rankings and their order? Otherwise, each ranking is completely subjective and tells the rank holder and others little about where their rank falls in the hierarchy.

Agreed with @therealfuddlynn. It doesn't mean a whole lot if you don't know what is in-between sailor and fleet admiral.

Agree with @mark_heneghan@justin_czimskey or @rose_cobb, Can you post all the ranks and order. Just for curiosity. 



agree to all, especially as I feel somehow downgraded, from mate to lookout, for some unknown reason.

Even if it meant to be 'fun', its crucial for gamification to know the rules of the game for transparency reasons.


The old forum used to have the list of ranks as well as show your progress on the way to the next rank. not sure why it was ever taken out.

Don't think any of the above were actually answered, but from the video you can gleam, the relative order as:
".... from stowaway, to sailor, to captain.. admiral.. and many more", in above posts you also know you can get to Fleet Admiral.


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