How To: Report Content to Moderator

How To: Report Content to Moderator

Encourage high quality content in the community by reporting inappropriate posts, articles and comments.


Report Content to Moderator

Bring questionable content to a moderator's attention by reporting it.  This feature appears anywhere in the forum, and can be used to flag rude comments, duplicate posts or out-of-date articles. 

Options Menu.PNGWhen you find the item that you want to report, click on the options menu and then click on Report Content to Moderator. Note that the options menu appears as three vertical dots. If reporting a comment, make sure you are clicking the options menu in the comment that you want to report.

Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 12.10.05 PM.png


A new window appears where you can type in the reason for reporting - the context is important, so don't forget to fill this form out!

Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 12.10.29 PM.png


Click on Report to Moderator to send the report. The moderator will determine what kind of action to take after reviewing the item. 

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