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How To: Searching

How To: Searching


Searching for the info that you want in Compass is easy!


The default scope for Search from any page is "All community." You can change the search granularity by clicking on the left hand side of the search bar and selecting the area of Compass that you wish to search within. (The exception being the search bar on the community landing page, which always stays on "Search All Content.") Suggestions will appear as you type, which you can select or ignore. 

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After you've searched, you can narrow the scope further by selecting items from Location, Author, Date, Metadata, Type of Post, or Contains. 

Note: if you are having trouble finding a specific page using Search, remove the location constraint and try again. 

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You can also expand the Advanced Search to see the Search Modifiers and to adjust the way you view your results. 

Note: The "exact phrase" feature is not working at this time. This is a known issue that we are working to resolve. 

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Sort your search by clicking Sorted by and then select either Date, Views, Kudos, Replies or Best Match. 

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Don't forget to Kudo, Bookmark or Subscribe to the result that you were looking for.

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