How To: Use the Support Portal for Training Requests

How To: Use the Support Portal for Training Requests


The training team is moving to the support portal to track requests! Instead of emailing,,, or, you can create requests by using our forms. Using the support portal allows us to better track and serve your requests.

  1. To get started, go to the Services and Support tab in Compass and click on Support Portal.

  2. If you have never logged into the portal you will be prompted to create a new password to log in.

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  1. Click on the Create a New Password link, enter the email associated with your Compass account, and click Submit. You will not be able to access the portal if you try to use a different email. If your email is out of date, please contact to update your email before following these steps. 

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Create a Training Request

  1. Create a ticket by clicking on Submit a request from the landing page.  

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  1. On the "Submit a request" screen, select Training Request.



  1. Select the most appropriate request type from the Training Request Type dropdown. For example, if the problem is related to logging into Identity University, select “Identity University Account Issues."



  1. Fill out the form for your request and include all relevant details and hit submit to create your request!


View a Ticket

  1. View open tickets by clicking on My activities from the drop-down menu.

How To Support Portal My Activities.png


  1. On the "My requests" screen, you can sort tickets using the following under Status: Open, Awaiting your reply, and Solved. You can also Search requests to locate a ticket. On this screen, you can view your requests (your tickets) and requests that you are CC'd on.

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Update a Ticket

  1. Reply to a request by selecting the appropriate ticket.



  1. Click on Add to conversation. 



  1. Type in your response and click Submit



Need Help With the Support Portal?

Contact if you encounter any problems or have questions about using the SailPoint Support Portal. 


What is the eta for Support responses? Is there an option to escalate a submitted request or a phone number to call for immediate assistance? 

@mcarvalho - You can learn more about contacting support on the Contact Support page. If you have any questions about Support, please use the alias listed above,

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