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FAQ: Support and Service Requests in Compass

FAQ: Support and Service Requests in Compass



I am unable to view the support portal from the menu.

Please contact us at


Why can't I open a support case in Horizon?

Horizon will be read only for 30 days after go-live. Support and/or Expert Services request can now be opened in this communty under Services > Create a Request.


Where are my open requests?

Open Support and/or Expert Services requests can be seen under Services > Review Requests.


I used to have Elevated Access, but I cannot view these cases in Compass.

To request elevated access, pelease open a support case requesting this access.


I am logged into Compass, but I cannot see cases opened prior to January 1, 2018.

Requests opened from January 1, 2018 - now have been migrated to Compass. If you would like a list of your past tickets, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Support.


How do I create a request on behalf of an end customer?

  1. Navigate to Services > Create a Request
  2. Select the type of request you would like to pen
  3. Complete the request form and provide the customer name in the appropriate field


How do I respond to my requests?

You can respond via the email you received from our support system, or you can do the following:

  1. Navigate to Services > Review Requests
  2. Locate the ticket number you would like to respond to. Please note tickets are in the order in which they were last updated.
  3. Scroll down to "Post a Comment"


I am unable to view the Customer Uploads widget under "Working With Support".

Please check that your browser or other security policies are not blocking iFrames or


I'm receiving a series of errors when trying to submit a case.

There is a known issue with Internet Explorer 11's handling of the code on this page that will prevent a user from submitting a case. Please use another browser or contact us directly at


There is no document attached.

@justin_czimskey  I cannot see the Org Tickets in service requests, do I need additional privileges?  Thanks.


Compass Org tickets 2019-07-03_11-55-55.jpg?  See attached.

@william_lo , you will need to request elevated access with our support team. Please submit a ticket via the portal or

@garbot The document should be available for download now. Please let us know if there are still issues with the attachment. Thank you!

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