Connector Registry Template

Connector Registry Template

Connector: SailPoint-Built


SailPoint's JDBC integration is typically used for read/write operations on the data of JDBC-enabled database engines. This is also know as generic connector sheer due to its capability of integrating with any database supporting JDBC protocol. The extreme capabilities of this integration such as flexibility to use SQL statements/stores procedures makes it one of the widely used integration.


Supported Features


  • Account Operations (create, read, update)
  • Entitlement Operations
  • Password Management
  • Enable/Disable


Supported Managed Systems


  • Any database having JDBC Driver. For example, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and Sybase
  • JDBC connector now supports managing database hosted on AWS RDS and connecting through JDBC driver.


Getting Started


SaaS -  Identity Now

Software - Identity IQ


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