How to Determine Mainframe Agent Versions?

How to Determine Mainframe Agent Versions?


This document gives the details of finding out:

  • A version of Mainframe Agent
  • PTF Details

Search Mainframe Agent Version


1. To get the CD version open the STDMSG (the standard output) of an ACD job and search the CTS1380I string to get CD Server version.

2. Likewise, check the STDMSG of an ACS job and search the CTS1380I and CTS1035I strings for the CS and USAAPI version.

Search Program Temporary Fix (PTF) Details


1. Go to the JCL library of Agent installation. To find the location of JCL library: 

a.Open JESJCL output of any JOB (ACS/ACD)

b. Search STEPLIB and copy the dataset name excluding the LOAD library.

c. Go the dataset and search the JCL library.

2. Submit STATUS1 job from the JCL library.

3. Send the following output:

  • SMPLIST – Contains details of PTF’s installed

4. See a sample output:

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